Screening Candidates

Each candidate completes their application and is personally interviewed in our office. We discuss their past work history and determine their genuine work interest and commitment. All references are contacted to verify past employment and job performance. We copy original identification cards and references and candidates are photographed/fingerprinted.

Pre-employment criminal background checks and DMV reports are included in our services. At the time of a job offer, we provide you with current reports. Upon placement of the nanny, we register each nanny with TrustLine. We charge $145 for this TrustLine registration, which is the actual cost of this mandatory program. Under California law the Trust- Line registry is administered by the California Department of Justice and the Department of Social Services, who use the nanny's fingerprints to conduct an additional background search of the non-public records of the child abuse registry. An additional set of fingerprints is provided to conduct a national check, which is completed through the FBI.

TrustLine helps ensure the safety of your child. A TrustLine clearance is the minimal qualification your care giver should provide, in addition to experience with children, a warm and caring manner, and a commitment to ensuring your child’s safety and well being. TrustLine uses the most up-to-date and detailed databases at the California Department of Justice and the FBI to protect children. TrustLine has screened out significant numbers of individuals who applied to the registry.

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